Film: Rocks in My Pockets


Mental illness, as we know, has a habit of taunting families for generations. Due to the stigma, even people with mental illness in the family are understandably hesitant to approach this difficult topic. I’d like to introduce you to someone who’d like to change that: Signe Baumane. Not only does she talk about mental illness in her family, she approaches the topic with humour and wit. Her whimsical animated film unabashedly explores the lives of five women in her family who have battled depression over generations.

Go ahead, have a look at the trailer and let me know what you think.

7 responses to “Film: Rocks in My Pockets

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    • Thanks so much for the positive comment Elida! I will look into that. Feel free to share any other helpful tips! =) I am new to all of this.


  2. Interesting trailer. I wouldn’t be able to watch a movie with that drawing style, but the trailer is interesting. I think that the best way to get rid of the stigma of mental illness is to talk about it, so kudos to Signe Baumane for addressing it, and to you for spreading the word.

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