Living With Intention Every Day – By Renjie Butalid

For the first time in a long time, I’m entering the new year with a lot more intention and love, both for myself and those around me. For those of you who know me, you would know that this is quite the feat given the roller coaster startup journey that I’ve been on for the past several years.

Back in September 2013, I came out as a startup founder struggling and living with depression following the experience of failure with my first startup venture. I decided to share my story publicly in order to do my part in advocating for mental wellness within the startup community.

Since putting everything out there, I’ve come to realize that I’m not alone. I was joining a growing chorus of voices who were standing up and speaking out for mental health, voices that included seasoned entrepreneurs and VC investors such as Brad Feld and Darius Monsef.

Fast forward to over a year later, I am still in the business of taking calculated risks and building startup ventures, but this time, this one hits closer to home.

PINE: Your daily check-in

pine 1

Back in September 2014, my team and I released a concept prototype of a mobile app called PINE. Since then, we’ve been iterating and improving the mobile app based on feedback. We’ve released a full beta version for the iPhone available for download on our website. An Android version will be available in the coming weeks.

What is PINE? 

In a safe and private space, PINE enables you to take the proverbial step back for a few seconds each day to reflect and answer the question, “How are you doing?”

We may not always have the time for meditation exercises or other thoughtful daily practices, nor is it easy to build the habit. With PINE, the core of the experience is making it as simple as possible to build the daily habit of checking-in and connecting with yourself, while knowing your friends and family are doing the same.

I’m currently on a streak of 54 days with 289 check-ins to my name. This means for the past 54 days in a row, I’ve been able to build the habit of taking a few seconds out of each day for myself to ask and respond to the question, “How am I doing?”

pine 2

Without realizing it, my experience on PINE has helped me to enter 2015 with more intention and yes, more love, kindness and gratitude towards myself and towards others.

I’ve been able to notice a lot more things in my life that I’m grateful for. I’ve also been able to pay attention to all of the little details and have been able to be truly present. To be present with my loved ones, my friends and family, but most importantly, to be present with myself.

We’ve already heard from a number of our users about the “Aha!” moments that have happened when they managed to make checking-in on PINE a habit. You can read more about Michael’s experience using PINE here.

Our new and improved nudges on PINE also help to make checking-in and connecting with yourself a daily habit, alongside friends and family.

pine 3

With the new year upon us, PINE could be the perfect mobile companion for those of you who want to be more mindful, live with intention and build the habit of checking-in and connecting with yourself daily throughout 2015 as well.

I’d love for you to download PINE and let me know about your experience. Feel free to reach out at, or find PINE on twitter @pineHQ or Facebook.


Writer: Renjie Butalid

Renjie is a social entrepreneur, writer and a speaker. He lives in Toronto. You can find his projects on the web or on twitter: @pineHQ @igniter.

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